Welcome to year 2021!, wow we made it to the next challenges!, lol. Hopefully some scientist and medical professional would found a cure for the pandemic which still looming around. I know 2020 is a passive year for everyone but i've learned to appreciate time, resources and be prepared for what's is coming next this year 2021. This year i'm planning to 'up' my R/C activities, cool DIY projects, published article 2021 xl project 1models review and back to building some cool 3D design projects. Its more likely i will be back building 'Concept Design' super cars like i used to 20 years ago...remember 4x4 EVO/EVO2?. I can see my design legacy still floating around the internet today most notably the 16 year old SUPERMOTOXL NEMIXIS XGT super car still well enjoyed by the simulator and gaming community especially in GTA series. So i think i need to boot up my long lost design creativity back into the virtual world and revitalized the root of SUPERMOTOXL DESIGN. Yeah! the Concept Design section on my website looks dusty and abandoned for quite sometimes after my last project the 'XYBORX'. The only challenges to start now is to find suitable simulator platform to roam my exotics back on the road. I wanted to see if this 40 year old of me still have what it takes to wow the crowds again like the good old days. My moto or goal for this year will be 'Be Creative & Resourcesful'. That means i hope to spend less, manage time well and build more hobby projects.

As for this month of January i'm revive back some old R/C airplane models from my 2021 xl project 2hangar like my T-45, F-14 Tomcat, F-16 and some others by using salvaged parts from my old FPV quadcopter drone hardware such as motors, ESC, BEC, receiver back into sleeper planes. Yeah, those old tech FPV quadcopter aka flying brick no longer have its place in the world populated with cheap high tech drone...they can't beat my high tech HUBSAN ZINO. Time for my old 'home made' quadcopter drone to retired and become parts donor. Hopefully with these spare parts the beautiful warbirds and jets will be back to grace the skies again. I make sure all the planes are out from slumber for a good workout. Hopefully this year will be a fun year to enjoy!