commute 2020p 1Despite global Covid-19 pandemic around the globe we should do our part to practice social distancing, wear mask and keep ourself clean. As for me commuting to work everyday to office got me planned ahead well to ride away from people and be smart to choose proper route.  Also i make sure i always wear mask even the authority have loosen restriction to wear one when doing sports and recreation. The good news i see more and more daily commuter who cycle to work especially older generation wore mask and even medic style face shield...unfortunately the younger generation doesn't care much especially commute 2020p 2those who do sports...*faceplam*.   As you've seen from my previous post i still wear mask during R/C models activity too..i'm not taking any risk because i have love ones to protect.  We should adopt and asimilate the new norms while keeping our health at bay. Ride safe everyone!