Despite not much people around in the public during pandemic season this give me an opportunity to enjoy more 2020 fpv drive1FPV driving on our model to roam places freely. Of course i make sure to keep distance and wear mask all the time when ever i'm in the public. Highlights for this season features more on crawling my Axial through convoy and also the returns of the Tamiya Wild Willy 2. What makes it more interesting is that both also equipped with rear cam which makes FPV driving adventure more dramatic and worth enjoying throughout the travels via various viewing perspective. FPV driving gets me good during this period more than spending time on fix wing because curiosity made me go further plus got myself spend lots of upgrades and resources to mods and tinker around to improve the driving experience on 4 wheels. However the shipping of upgrade parts seems to slow down both internationally and locally because of the global pandemic problem but i'm not in a hurry. More likely you'll see more adventures on my FPV crawlers with new gadgets.